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Lostx Dungeon II is an 3D action-adventure game, mixed with dungeon crawler roguelike elements, shooter element.

Lots of items, Lots of weapons(Gun,Staff,Sword,Axe,Hammer,Bow,etc.)

Random dungeon level generation, Random item/weapon drop with different effects

Permadeath, If the hero fail to win, the player will start at the dungeon level 1, all the equipment and character attributes will return to the initial state.

Enjoy and explore the unknown dungeon, break through the monster blockade and win the final victory.

Currently open 5 classes

Available on


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hi there! pretty cool game you have, The gameplay was cool and I've been watching videos of Lost Dungeon which wasn't on 3D and we can really see the difference and the growth of the game, keep it up! 

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Thanks for.  I'll think about it.

Lostx Dungeon is 2D,  Lostx Dungeon II is 3D.

The video you are watching is "Lostx Dungeon" version, not "II" version, "Lostx Dungeon II" currently only publishes image previews and Android downloads